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UPDATE: I am starting to incorporate some new topics in this blog and have started my first YouTube channel. Check it out by clicking HERE

There are so many healthy-living blogs out there, so what makes this one any better?

Because women want to hear from other REAL women experiencing the same REAL struggles, setbacks and successes they are facing rather than the busty blonde on the elliptical next to them who has been blessed with long legs, a fast metabolism and cellulite-free buns.

Sure it's nice to see a motivational photo of a 5'10" Nike model with a 6 pack so defined it could have its own entry in Webster's dictionary, but what is real about that? How many women do you know personally who are not athletes and have a body like that? Probably less than you could count on 2 hands. People want to see women just like them trying to achieve the best their body can be while also dealing with temptations, crazy schedules, full-times jobs, and relationships. They want to see women who make them thing "wow, if she can do that, I can too because she is just like me!"

That's what I am. I'm not a gym rat, I'm not a vegan, and I'm not on a game show taking half a year off from work where I can workout 6 hours a day and get personalized advice from a dietitian. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those things, but let's just face facts ... I will never be able to give up a nice burger now and then. I work full-time living off of a penitence of a post-grad's budget and I can't afford a personal trainer (although I'm lucky to have the next best thing under my roof -- a fiance with his masters in exercise science). I refuse to deprive myself the foods I like by sticking to a diet consisting of only egg whites, salmon, and leafy greens...

BUT I'm excited to learn how to cook the foods I love but in much healthier ways!  I'm also excited that I'm learning to love exercise. 

True, sometimes I have to drag myself to the gym and I curse the world the whole way through my workout...but you know what? Never once have I left the gym and regretted going. Not one single time has that happened. 

So that is why you should stick around. I'll share my recipes, my workouts, my honest thoughts and feelings and I'll never sugar coat anything for you. If I have a bad day and feel guilty, I'll let you know! And vice versa, if I set a personal record on a run, I'll share that as well and hope you all are equally as excited!

The most important thing is to start, keep moving, do whatever you can to stay motivated, and ENJOY the transformation that is bound to happen, however long it may take!
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