Thursday, March 10, 2016

Late Pregnancy Complaints

3 weeks from tomorrow is my due date. Last weekend, I decided I am officially OVER being pregnant. I've been blessed with a very easy pregnancy, but now it just hurts. All the time.

Laundry hurts, sitting too long hurts, most sleeping positions hurt, walking hurts. I have to pee every single time I stand up, I'm currently using a fan and a heating pad at the same time, my pregnancy pillow and I have a very love/hate relationship, nothing in my house is as clean as I'd like it to be yet I don't have the physical ability anymore to fix that, I have exactly 3 work-appropriate outfits that fit...and I use the term "work-appropriate" very very loosely.

3 weeks sounds like an extremely long time. Some days I feel just fine, some days (like today) I'm just achy enough to be uncomfortable the entire day, and some days are like last Sunday where I could hardly move and needed help from my husband getting out of the car, putting the wash into the dryer and making the bed.

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