Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Crying, Peeing and Lots of Lists

This week, my daughter decided to take up Kick Boxing. I didn't know there was a 24-hour gym inside of my womb, but you learn something new every day. Oh man, she is movin' and groovin' lately. It used to be two very distinct times of the day but now it's much more constant. I think she is preparing me for 3 months from now because every time I lay down to nap or go to sleep for the night, she takes the opportunity to strike up a dance party. Must take after her momma.

This week I have been focusing on lists. I'm a list maker to the core. It helps me feel a little more in control when I physically write down and organize everything that needs to be accomplished in a certain amount of time. Before my wedding you should have seen my Google Drive page. LIST OVERLOAD broken down by week, month and responsible party. With only 3 months to go (oy vey...my heart just stopped), it's time to figure out everything that needs to get done before this wee one turns our lives upside down.

This little girl is already being spoiled by her Mae Mae and Papa. Her clothing haul from Christmas was insane. I may have had my first hormone-induced sobbing session while opening a box of teeny tiny onesies and itty bitty socks and bows on Christmas morning. Oh my, they were just so little and cute that the next thing I know, I was crying and squealing all over the place. I think I freaked out my brother with that one. My husband was just shaking his head, ha!

With the help of Pinterest, I've compiled my list of things to pack in my hospital bag as well as her own. I've also made a list of the various tasks to complete over the next couple of months such as furniture to order, paperwork to compile, classes to schedule and miscellaneous items to be purchased (giant underwear and pads, anyone?).

I'm still feeling good with few symptoms, although bending over is becoming increasingly difficult. Also, stretch marks have reared their ugly head, but so far I haven't gotten any on my stomach...just the girls. Awesome. I continue to oil up twice a day, but genetics are genetics, friends. My belly button is creeping closer and closer to the surface, but we still maintain an "inny" for the time being. I've been having some sporadic pain in my right knee cap. I think it may have to do with the extra weight I'm carrying and how I didn't do much fitness prep before getting pregnant, despite my husband warning me to. Other than that, it's just a little pain in my hips or lower back when sleeping and every-so-often when I sneeze I get a cramp low in my stomach. Oh and I pee. That happens a lot now too when I sneeze...haha!! This one makes my husband laugh. It makes me feel old. I now understand why my mom always had panty liners in her bathroom.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What We Learned About Our Daughter

In the world of first pregnancies, yesterday was exciting in more ways than one.  It started with a late 20-week ultrasound/anatomy scan of our daughter (I say late because I'm actually 22 1/2 weeks along at this point) and this was the first time we have had the opportunity to "see" her since she was just a wee 8-week-old blob.

As the ultrasound technician moved goo around my belly and a baby suddenly appeared on the screen next to me, I was internally oo'ing and aww'ing at her cute little nose while my husband was silently using his previous anatomy T.A. knowledge to pretend he is a doctor and completed his own examination of her heart and brain (he makes me giggle).

While we were both happy to hear all her teeny organs are developed and seem to be functioning normally, we also learned two things about our first-born:

1. She is a petite little thing. Though her weight is average for this stage of baby-dom, her frame is only in the 29th percentile, making it obvious she is my child (as if her physically growing from nothing inside of my body wasn't clue enough). My family, particularly my Dad's side, are all small people. At a mere 5'4", I tower over my grandma and most, if not all, of my aunts. We're a compact little group. Fun size. She still has time for a growth spurt and we'll be checking her again around 30-32 weeks.

2. She is already quite the stubborn child...just like both her momma and daddy...and her Papa and Uncle, if we're talking family traits. In an effort to get a typical profile shot of her, the tech and I tried everything. I was shaking my hips around to get her to move and the tech was rubbing/poking the heck out of her.  The moment she would turn her head, the tech would try to snap the picture but failed every time because little girl immediately turned  her head back to where she had it. She was saying "excuse me...I'm quite comfortable in this position, so your pictures will have to wait, Mom."

So we got what we could and I've been staring at her pictures just about every hour on the hour, plus every time I open my phone as she is now the star of my lock screen.

The other reason yesterday was so exciting was because I felt my first legitimate punch in my stomach. I've been feeling flutters up near my belly button for a couple of weeks now, but this was different.  First, it was down by where her head and arm were at earlier that day during the ultrasound.  It wasn't a flutter, but felt more like a big muscle spasm. At first I thought it was just that, but then when it kept happening, I put my hand on my belly and actually FELT it from the outside. It was NUTS! The weirdest, coolest, weirdest feeling ever. The more it happened, the more weirded-out I got...probably because it couldn't control it at all and never knew when it was coming. I screamed a lot and called a lot of people. :)

4 months from today is her due date and I know it will fly by!Pin It