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Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Your Leading Men

Let's take a momentary break from the pregnancy talk to focus on one of my favorite topics in the entire world...CHRISTMAS! More specifically, Christmas presents! I know, I know, gifts are not the "reason for the season," but as someone who acknowledges that "gift-giving" is my love language by an overwhelming margin, I can't help but become giddy during this time of the year when I can express my love for the people in my life by putting a lot of thought into the gifts I get them.

Each year, I spend January - October compiling a running list in my phone of gift ideas for various family members and friends.  Come November, I have many options and decide what I want to actually purchase.  I've also been known to start picking up gifts in Spring and Summer if a good sale presents itself (Mother's Day is a great time to find things for the women in your life).

Now, my downfall is that I almost always go over my budget because I keep finding things for these loved-ones (I'm looking at you, Mom) and just can't help myself.  I think about how excited they will be to receive this or that and how they would never buy these things for themselves and I inevitably end up at the register. I am going to write out a quick Holiday Gift Guide, starting with the fellas, while I sit here on a Saturday morning, listening to the Christmas Pop station on Spotify and sip my vanilla iced coffee while I burn my "Tis the Season" candle from White Barn. Mmmmmm! Let's begin:

The Men In Your Life (Husbands, Boyfriends, Brothers, Dads)

This is the toughest category for me.  My husband is not one to "want' for much.  He is a very simple person who doesn't need much in life to be happy.  His list is one I make sure to keep up-to-date throughout the year.  My Dad has everything he could want and has always been tough to buy for (how many ties does a man need?) and my brother just has expensive taste as he is a tech junkie. 

1. Garment Bag:  My husband rarely wears a suit, so he keeps all of his fancy clothes in a cheap hanging cover he received when he bought the suit.  From traveling to various weddings and other events, it has torn up.  This would be a wonderful piece of luggage that you can find in all price ranges the he probably wouldn't think to buy for himself. 
TravelPro® Maxlite® 3 Garment Bag in Black
2. The Art of Shaving: Do any of your men have facial hair?  Treat them to some luxury products to keep everything in tip-top shape! The Art of Shaving is a brand my fellas particularly enjoy.  There are various scents to choose from and you can get anything from a travel kit to some of the most splurge-worthy blade handles I've seen. 
Sandalwood Starter Kit

3. THE SPLURGE ITEM --- Yeti Cooler: Do you really want to spoil your favorite guy? If you've got the budget to spend it, what guy wouldn't love a Yeti cooler?  They're all the rage, especially in the South, but it's not something many people could warrant spending $250-$500 for. They keep the cold in so well and are very sturdy.
4.  Drinking with the Saints: A Sinner's Guide to a Holy Happy Hour: As someone who was raised Catholic and spent most of my childhood in the Catholic school system, this one I couldn't help but giggle at. There are drink recommendations for each day of the year, coinciding with the liturgical cycle and feast days for the Saints.  


5. Liquid Luxuries Cologne Sampler Set : If the man you are buying for enjoys cologne but you're not sure exactly which one to get him, this is a wonderful gift that allows him to sample 15 different designer scents and then redeem an included Sephora voucher for a FULL-SIZED cologne of one of the featured scents at no extra cost. The samples and voucher come in a nice black bag that can double as a toiletry  bag once he is finished sniff-testing. 

6. Uncle John's Bathroom Readers: This would be a fun stocking stuffer or gift for someone on a budget. Men are notorious for spending a curious amount of time in the bathroom. I've given a few of these books (there are SO many of them covering all kinds of topics) as a fun present to keep them entertained whilst sitting around "in the John," as my Papa would say. 

7. TRX Home Training Kit: This is something my husband, who is an exercise physiologist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, actually bought for the both of us a couple years ago. It's been great for days when we want to get a quick workout in but don't feel like leaving the house.  TRX is an amazing workout that can be used for full body and it takes up no room at all! You just hang it from a door and anyone at any level can use it, because it's all about suspension and using your own body weight to train.  You just adjust your body's position to make the moves easier or harder. 
8. The Gentlemen's Box: This is a great twist on the classic neck-tie gift, especially for those men who enjoy fashion.  For $25/month, they receive a subscription box that will include 4-6 items from grooming products to socks, pocket squares,ties, etc... and each month's box also comes with the latest issue of GQ Magazine.  I really love this idea, and they have a link on their website to purchase a certain a mount of months as a gift. 

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