Monday, September 28, 2015

13 Week Pregnancy Update

Hi there! I figured it was high time I started documenting my pregnancy journey. I would have liked to do videos, but since our desktop with the camera attached was fried during a recent power outage, I've resulted to good old-fashioned blogging. 

Today I am 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my first baby! I am out of my first trimester and we are happily out of that scary phase where miscarriage potential is high.  PHEW! It is so fun now that I get to talk about it openly with people. I was never very good at keeping  my own secrets :)

Let's recap my first trimester:

  • I count my lucky stars that I was fortunate enough to not have an ounce of morning sickness. I only vomited one time and that was because I gagged myself while brushing my teeth
    • For a couple of weeks, my gag reflex was really heightened which made things like the aforementioned brushing of teeth and taking my GIGANTIC prenatal vitamins challenging (and for the record, if your wife has this symptom, it is considered extra rude to gas her out in bed or in the car with the windows rolled up. Taylor.)
  • Though I was never sick, there were about 2 weeks where no matter what I ate, my stomach would feel bad afterwards. It was a tough feeling to explain: not gas, not nausea, not "gotta go to the bathroom," just bad. It was as if a giant ball was just sitting in my stomach on top of all my organs and nothing was digesting. It wasn't a fun feeling and I was happy when it subsided.
  • My only food aversion was about 2 weeks of "I don't want to see, smell, hear about or cook grilled chicken." Fried chicken I could do all day, but grilled? NO! There was a day where I refused to cook the ground turkey I defrosted for dinner and we ended up going out to eat that night. 
  • I can't really say I had any specific cravings, though I tended to learn towards cold, crisp fruit (it had to be cold) and sour candies but that's really it and it was never a life or death type of craving...just a preference. 
  • I got a big belly very early on. This wasn't exactly something I loved. I stopped being able to button my pants around 8 weeks and invested in a Bella Band after two weeks of the hair-tie trick and baggy shirts. It was really tough for me to accept the fact that I was going to gain weight. I just didn't like being in that "I don't look pregnant, I just look fat" stage.
  • Although my stomach grew quickly (or it could have been my hips also), my scale claimed I only gained 3 pounds up until week 12.
Quick Tip: If you're around a pregnant woman, especially one who has stated that she feels fat and you can't tell she's actually pregnant yet...don't comment on how much she is eating. And especially don't yell it out across a crowded table of family members (eh hem, DAD!!! Still love you!) 

So now we're to the beginning of the second trimester and with the exception of pain in the left side of my lower back, I feel great! At this point I don't feel pregnant at all except that I'm actually wearing maternity pants now and my belly is starting to show. 

In an attempt to help with my back pain, I bought a pregnancy pillow. I bought the full-Monty...the Leachco Back and Belly Contour pillow and it was the most exciting day of the week for me...until I woke up the entire night in even more pain because it props my head up way too far and causes my spine to have poor alignment. I'll be returning it very very sadly. Tonight I have a 15 minute chair massage at my gym to hopefully give a little temporary relief and I will start taking some yoga classes throughout the week as well. 

Today I had my late 12-week check up. It was a very fast check up where they just took my weight, blood pressure and listened to the heartbeat. My doctor said my weight looked "beautiful" which was a GREAT relief because I had been worried I had gained a couple more than I should have. She also said the heartbeat sounded great and it was pretty cool to get to hear it for the first time, although it was only for a second.

The last thing that happened during my appointment was a quick blood draw for the Harmony Prenatal Test. This will detect abnormalities such as down syndrome as well as test for the gender of the baby! I'm trying not to worry myself with the possibility of having a child with down syndrome because it's not something I have any control over or can change, so why freak out about it before I even get results back. So instead I'm anxiously awaiting the results (which will take 10-14 damn days!!!!) to find out if baby is a boy or a girl!! This mama is ready to SHOP!!!

That's about it for now! Tonight I will enjoy my quick massage and finally start cooking again. My next appointment is at the end of October. 

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