Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weight Watchers Update

I will attempt to not be long-winded.

I started weight watchers on July 2nd, it is now July 31, and I have lost 5.2 lbs. Never have I felt hungry or seriously deprived of the foods I wanted to eat. Yes, I did see a cupcake in the window of a bakery yesterday and may have drooled a little onto my shirt while telling myself that I can't have it, but I had just had a delicious wrap from a cute sandwich shop and was actually quite full. I just happen to have a sweet tooth. 

After the initial 3.2 lb loss from the first week, I survived two very tempting weekends. One weekend I spent at a wedding and then out on the town with a few of my girlfriends. Let's just say the wedding had really yummy food that I was not about to pass up. I tried to be good with my portions, but yes...I ate from the mashed potato bar AND the pasta bar AND I had a piece of cake. And I'm not sorry.

That week I worked out a lot and was very good with my meals so I still lost 1 lb come weigh-in time.

This past weekend I was at the beach for a bachelorette party from Thursday - Sunday. You can imagine how tough it was to stay on course. During the days it was actually simple because we were laying around on the sand or going for long walks to the pier so I was able to just snack on grapes or pineapple.

The evenings when we went out to dinner, followed up by multiple drinks was where I got nervous.  I still ate really delicious food (chicken and waffles...a burrito), but tried to limit the amount and types of drinks I was consuming. For instance, I ended up going with vodka-water-lime instead of indulging the whole night in more sugary options.  Combine this with limited sleep (why is it impossible to sleep past 8:00 when you're at the beach?!) and my uhhhh...girly time...deciding to make a visit, and I just knew that the scale wasn't going to be my friend when I got home.

Out of curiosity, I weighed myself the morning after I got home. I FREAKED when I saw that the number had jumped about 3lbs. My official weigh-in day was still two days away, so I had time for some damage control. I also kept reminding myself that I was very exhausted and my monthly visitor probably meant there was a lot of excess water pooling around my organs like a poorly-drained side street.

I worked out on Monday and then REALLY hard on Tuesday (thanks trainer-fiance for kicking my butt!), and was pleasantly surprised when my scale on Wednesday morning said I had actually lost a pound from the previous week. Our bodies are funny that way.

So there we have it. 5.2 lbs down and I am now at the weight I was at when I STARTED weight watchers last year. 

This next week may be interesting because I can't work out for a few days until my laser treatment on my back tattoo (that's a story for another blog post) heals and I don't have to be bandaged up.

Let's keep on keepin' on!
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