Friday, April 18, 2014

How I Found the Gown

(I apologize in advance that this post will not include pictures for surprise purposes)

The worst is over!

I managed to find my wedding dress without a single meltdown or tear shed. Phew! I can't tell y'all how nervous and anxious I was for this experience. I am very hard on myself when it comes to trying on clothes, and I knew finding "the dress" for my one big day was going to be a huge feat. 

To my delightful surprise, the entire dress hunt was easy and relaxing. I had 3 appointments set and 5 trusted advisers in tow, but ended up only going to the first store. I knew the first store was going to be a good one when the last note of Defying Gravity blared out of my car speakers (and our mouths) at the precise moment I pulled into the parking spot. It was meant to be. (long story of myself and best friends' obnoxious obsession with the song during high school)

The first stop of the day was Treasures Formals and Bridal in Roswell. I loved that I was the only bride in the store, so the focus was all on me...I AM a princess after all ;)

My consultant was very nice, and I started by showing her a few pictures of what I wanted, let her know my budget, and also told her that I wanted the first few dresses to be different silhouettes since I had no idea what I looked good in, though I really wanted a ballgown. 

TIP 1: Keep your mind open. Go in knowing what you're drawn to, but try on every style until you narrow down what compliments your shape the best. A.K.A. "Don't knock it till ya try it"

Then, she pulled a few dresses while my entourage got to work doing the same. I actually didn't get to pick out any myself because I was being asked my thoughts on all the ones they were finding. I didn't mind actually because they pretty much did the work for me. The selection wasn't that big, so I didn't feel like I had missed anything. 

Now it was time to work. Mom cried with the very first dress, because it was the first time she has seen her only baby girl in a wedding gown. Through the process, we decided that mermaid was NOT it because I couldn't move. Seriously...I don't know how women do it. 

I tried probably 8 or 9 dresses, and it came down to 2 very opposite silhouettes. Without going into too much detail (and still keeping the surprise for the big day), the fabric was complete opposite of what I wanted going in. My aunt and bridesmaid picked them, and I should have known. The ladies have impeccable taste. 

One dress was a ballgown...with pockets. POCKETS, PEOPLE! I had always wanted a ballgown because it's the one time in your life that you can wear one and get away with it, and it truly has that "I'M A BRIDE" look. The second dress was similar in the feel of it, but it was more of a trumpet style. It made me look very tall and thin. Two majorly favorable attributes.

I tried them both on a second time, but this time with a veil. Cue mom crying again. I asked them one by one which they preferred and the majority agreed a certain one.

TIP 2: Pick your entourage very carefully. I had 5 people, but I knew each one would accept how I wanted to feel on the day of the wedding and be honest with their opinions based on that. They would not push their own agenda or ideas, but help me to perfect my own. 

It was a serious toss up.  I had my ladies stand on the other side of the room and I walked towards them (which was difficult because both were so dang long on my short Scottish legs). With one of the dresses, my bridesmaid/brother's girlfriend said "I just got the shivers!" and then started to cry. And she is NOT a cryer. That's when I knew. 

Personally, I didn't cry. I knew I wouldn't. I just don't cry at happy things...I squeal and smile and get super excited. But her reaction solidified the decision for me. I cancelled my other two appointments and said THIS IS IT! 

TIP 3: Once you've found one you love...stop looking. Just stop and get excited that you have accomplished a huge feat and found your wedding dress.

The best part of the whole thing? The dress was about 1/5 of my budget. YES! 1/5!!!!!  We purchased my veil as well and later went on to get my shoes the same day. All three items together came to 1/3 of the budget I set aside for the dress alone. You just can't ask for anything more than that!
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  1. So so happy for you! I can't wait to see how amazing you will look on your wedding day -- you will be such a beautiful bride!