Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Couch-to-5k Update, Week 1

Well, we have made it through Week 1. Of course, I've made it through week 1 at least 5 times in the past and have yet to actually complete a 5k...but I digress.

Week 1 has come and gone. I am trying to complete this a bit faster than the app suggests, and I am not resting in between days. I'll take a rest in between WEEKS, though. These 3 workouts were no big deal, and I flew through them. The regimen included 1 minute of jogging followed by 1 1/2 minutes of brisk walking for a total of about 20 minutes (not including the 5 minute warm up and cool down walks).

I am looking forward to next week and progressively tackling tougher intervals. I had plenty of energy left over to do some more workouts after my jog, so I have been doing either the elliptical, spin bike or TRX training as well. 

I have decided to try to capture at least one photo of my daily workout, or post-workout if there are other people in the gym. This way I can document the progress...basically this was my mom's request.

Day 1: I forgot how badly this hurts one's behind (sorry for the poor quality. I was in motion!)

Day 2: Again with the bike...

Day 3: Recovering with a nice rock on the porch

And just because it is pretty and looks extra huge in this picture...my pretty ring :)

I have been focusing a lot on cardio recently, while still not forgetting some of my toning exercises, because in my arms (which in my mind, are much too large), you can feel the muscle really developing,  however the fat on top is still there which is preventing the muscle from being seen. And actually, gaining more muscle without losing the fat is just  making them LARGER, so I have been upping the cardio to try to burn it off. 

Yes, I know I cannot just spot treat the fat on my arms, but eventually with enough cardio, the arm flab will decrease along with the fat on the rest of my body. (And just to be clear, when I say this, I don't mean that I'M FAT, I mean like the literal fat...as in the anatomical meaning).


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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Dress Will Do It

If you've been around my blog for awhile, you may remember when it was all about health and fitness. Last year I was in this huge health kick and I lost about 15 pounds. I was just in a really good place with my fitness. At one point I was doing a boot camp and keeping up with a food journal, and then at another point I was doing weight watchers. I had great experiences with all of them. However, I moved to Atlanta and took a job that requires me to be in the car all day long, so eating healthy became VERY difficult and quite frankly, I got lazy.

Throwback to my old progress photo (May 2012 on Left and May 2013 on R)

Fast foward to today where I've gained back those 15 pounds (I may have gained more. I'm not really sure as I refuse to actually weigh myself) and I am noticing my waist starting to go away. After trying to get myself to work out for the past few months and failing miserably, I had one moment recently that really woke me up and said, OKAY MICHELLE...YOU MUST START NOW!

This past week I went with a friend of mine to pick up her bridesmaids dress for a wedding she is MOH in. While we were there, I couldn't help but "accidentally" end up in the bridal gown section. I went there with intentions to strictly look and drool and dream about when they'll finally be on my body in just over 1 month. However, through some innocent prodding from my friend, I ended up trying one on. It was this gown that I had actually just pinned the night before...

I was so excited because this was the first gown I've ever tried on and I love how princessy it is and full. Unfortunately, on my small 5'4" frame, you would have never known it was the same dress. It was hideous and made me look like a wide, boxy ball of fluff. I had no waist, I felt like the beading made me look HUGE on top and my arms (to me) were the side of my thighs. 

I took it off and BAM! That was it. I said to myself "Michelle...it is time." I know myself very well and if I feel wide or big when I am trying on the first few dresses, I will end up getting very frustrated and probably crying into a swatch of chiffon in a dressing room. It's just how I am. 

I only have until April 12th to do this, and I know that I cannot (in a healthy way) achieve my desired results in that short of a time frame, so I have made a goal to be able to run 2 miles consistently by the day we go dress shopping. I will be using the Couch to 5k app and if I run every other day, I'll be at that goal. In addition, I will also be working on my portion control. I LOVE food and don't like the whole "diet" concept, so I am going to cut back on my portions to help.

I'll update everyone with my progress!

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