Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get Soft Lips In Time For Valentine's Day

For the past few months, I've had a serious problem with extremely dry, cracked, chapped lips. It was painful and ugly.

I tried all chapstick type of products from Maybelline Baby Lips to other drugstore brands that promised to relieve dry lips. None worked. I was incredibly frustrated, and decided I needed to hit Ulta to see what I could find from the higher-end spectrum.

This, my dear internet friends, is the combination I have found that miraculously cured my dry lips. I can't explain how happy I am! With just 3 simple steps, you can also get relief just in time to smooch your Valentine!

1. Lush lip scrub - $9.95: This is a wonderful product and I've had it since June, using it almost every day and I JUST ran out this past week. I've clearly gone out and bought it again. I use it once in the  morning and once before bed. It gets all of those dry flakes and dead skin cells off (plus it tastes great!)

2. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - $19.50: After scrubbing my lips, I follow up with this miracle cream. I had heard it was a great product, but  never thought I needed it. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! It truly gets down into my lips and moisturizes them. It also lasts on my lips for a very long time. I use this between 2 and 3 times a day, depending on how my lips are feeling.

3. Malin & Goetz Mojito Lip Balm - $12 (but I found it cheaper on Amazon): This is what I keep with me in my purse to moisturize during the day. It is a clear gel-like formula, and smells amazing. Like the 8-Hour Cream, it also lasts a long time on my lips and really gets deep into the skin. It's not quite as thick as the 8 Hour Cream, so I prefer it for daytime.

VOILA!!! Follow those 3 steps and you'll easily be on your way to soft, kissable lips JUST in time for Valentine's Day!
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