Thursday, December 26, 2013

Perils of Planning: The Path to the Preacher and Saying "I Do"

I got an early Christmas present this year. It is quite sparkly and suddenly my left hand feels a bit heavier! ;)

On December 19th, my boyfriend of nearly 6 years popped the question. That means I finally get to put into action the wedding planning I've been doing in my head since I was about 12 years old (you think I'm exaggerating...). 

It has only been a week, but I'm already having guest list and the inevitable budget woes that unfortunately come along with this process.

I am lucky enough that I have a wonderful event planner in my family who has agreed to help me steer this all in the right direction. I decided to kind of chronicle my journey on my blog and every so often I will take a break from my regularly scheduled programming to write about the planning process and how I am hopefully avoiding wanting to pull my hair out.

Another thing I'm going to be throwing in here is the progress of my fitness. Obviously I want to be in tip top shape for the big day, and we will be having a longer-than-normal engagement (around 15-16 months), so I'll have lots of time to prep. My first order of business is getting my arms toned up and rid them of the jiggle so when it comes time in a few months to dress shop, I'm not hunched in the corner of a dressing room crying over my fat arms, clutching onto a strapless dress that just doesn't quite look right wishing my bat wings away. This is where having a fiance who is an exercise physiologist helps. The man is a natural born trainer and has already bought me/us a TRX system so we can do things at home.

So far in just one week I have decided on a date, spoken to Taylor's church, picked out the reception venue, and drooled over the perfect photographer.  I can't wait for a few more months to pass by so I can REALLY start doing things!

Hope everyone had a very happy holiday! Come ooooon, 2014!
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