Thursday, December 26, 2013

Perils of Planning: The Path to the Preacher and Saying "I Do"

I got an early Christmas present this year. It is quite sparkly and suddenly my left hand feels a bit heavier! ;)

On December 19th, my boyfriend of nearly 6 years popped the question. That means I finally get to put into action the wedding planning I've been doing in my head since I was about 12 years old (you think I'm exaggerating...). 

It has only been a week, but I'm already having guest list and the inevitable budget woes that unfortunately come along with this process.

I am lucky enough that I have a wonderful event planner in my family who has agreed to help me steer this all in the right direction. I decided to kind of chronicle my journey on my blog and every so often I will take a break from my regularly scheduled programming to write about the planning process and how I am hopefully avoiding wanting to pull my hair out.

Another thing I'm going to be throwing in here is the progress of my fitness. Obviously I want to be in tip top shape for the big day, and we will be having a longer-than-normal engagement (around 15-16 months), so I'll have lots of time to prep. My first order of business is getting my arms toned up and rid them of the jiggle so when it comes time in a few months to dress shop, I'm not hunched in the corner of a dressing room crying over my fat arms, clutching onto a strapless dress that just doesn't quite look right wishing my bat wings away. This is where having a fiance who is an exercise physiologist helps. The man is a natural born trainer and has already bought me/us a TRX system so we can do things at home.

So far in just one week I have decided on a date, spoken to Taylor's church, picked out the reception venue, and drooled over the perfect photographer.  I can't wait for a few more months to pass by so I can REALLY start doing things!

Hope everyone had a very happy holiday! Come ooooon, 2014!
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Red Lip and Correcting Dark Circles

It's almost that time, everyone! I'm such a huge Christmas fanatic that with under a week to go, I can barely concentrate on anything in my life.  

Tonight while dinner was in the oven, I threw on one of Mariah Carey's Christmas albums and sung my little heart out while playing with one of my favorite holiday/winter looks...the classic red lip and a neutral eye. 

When doing a wearable red lip, you'll want to keep your eyes soft and understated. This time I used almost entirely the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette with just a touch of Makeup Geek's "Creme Brulee" as a transition shade.  This really makes my blue eyes POP!

For my lips, I first lined and filled them in with Rimmel lip liner in Red Diva which has a slight pink tint to it. Then for the main event, I used my FAVORITE red lipstick, Milani's Best Red. This shade makes my teeth look really white as well, which I LOVE, especially considering all the coffee I've been drinking lately.

I also want to show you guys the progression of this look from naked face to finish. Basically I want to do this to show you how serious my dark circle are naturally and how much I rely on my BELOVED Pixi Brightening Peach corrector. I mention this in every "favorites" post/video I do because it literally changes my look so much!

So on the far left is my face sans any makeup. I assure you I DID get a full 8 hours of sleep last night, despite the bruise-like circles under my eyes. In the middle picture is me with JUST the peach corrector (no editting of the photo or anything). Look how much more awake I look INSTANTLY! Then, obviously on the right is me with my makeup completely done (and a little bit better lighting thanks to the other side of my iPhone).

If you have dark circles like I do, I HIGHLY suggest you invest in some sort of corrector. You want one with a peach tone (for lighter complexions, or orange for darker skin tones) that will combat the blue tones that cause those dreaded circles. Think OPPOSITE of the color wheel. Using just a flesh toned concealer to cover them up will only make them look muddy.

I like to then apply my foundation (I don't generally put foundation over the corrector) and top it off with a highlighting pen if I have time to brighten up the under eyes even more.

Bobbi Brown makes a great corrector, but if you're on a budget like I am, opt for the Pixi version found at Target.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fresh, Natural Bridal Makeup

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I had to honor of doing my friend Jamie's makeup for her wedding. I was so excited when she asked me a few months back, and I just wanted to take a moment to share with you a photo I snapped of her completed look!

Jamie generally doesn't wear much makeup at all, so it was important to her that she looked natural and fresh on her big day! She told me afterwards that she was getting compliments on her makeup all night long, one woman even asking who did her makeup because she was looking for someone to do her daughter's when she gets married. Maybe I should start freelancing?

So this morning I took my time getting ready for work and did my own kind of bridal-y, fresh, soft look and I LOVE the results! (Although I accidentally put a smidge too much highlighter on my nose...oh well)

If you have any questions about the products I used, just leave me a comment! Thanks, loves!Pin It