Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide - 2013

May 12th is a very important day for families all around the U.S.!'s not tax refund day. It is the one day a year that is nationally dedicated to celebrating the women who gave us life...OUR  MOMS!!! Personally, my mom is incredibly easy to buy for. Basically if I see something I would like myself, I know she would like it as well. But some of you may not have it that easy. 

If you are struggling with finding the perfect gift idea for you mamacita this year, watch my video below for not only what I  have purchased for my mom, but some other great ideas as well.  These ideas range in price, so you should be able to find something within your budget.

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Without further ado (and please subscribe to my YouTube channel!!)

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  1. The new JT album is soooo good! I am so obsessed with it right now. And the photo book is a great idea. I might have to steal it! I saw the cutest thing on Pinterest (of course!) where you recreate an old baby photo and frame them both together, but that would be even cuter to do a bunch of them and put it in the book! Thanks for the ideas :)