Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Progress Pics and my WW Experience

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I haven't written about my weight loss/fitness progress lately, and that is basically because since last July I was very unmotivated. My Nana, who was one of my biggest supporters and role models in my life, died 2 weeks after our trip to the beach for her and Papa's 90th birthdays. During this trip, I was at the peak of my fitness journey. I just plain didn't feel like working out after that. I stopped running, I stopped watching what I ate, and I feel like all of the progress I had made just reversed. I wouldn't say I was in a big grieving depression, but I just stopped feeling motivated after that happened, and I know it was because I was missing my Nana. For some reason, when she left, she took my motivation with her. It's still very hard for me to think about her without tearing up (like now, for instance...).

But pity party aside, my weight came back. It wasn't until the cliche New Years Resolution that I decided to do something about it.  I have a lot of friends who have lost a LOT of weight through Weight Watchers (cough cough Mackenzie and A-Rose cough cough). Their success was so motivating, so I decided to invest in the program. I am happy to report now, almost exactly 3 months later, that I have lost a total of 12 lbs (a few more to go until I reach my goal). I forgot to take my measurements at the beginning so I cannot update on that. (boo, hiss! Go ahead, throw rotten tomatoes at me). 

When I started, I was JUST doing Weight Watchers and tracking my points. I wasn't back at the gym yet, and I didn't start going back until maybe a month ago with my boyfriend. We wake up probably 3-4 days a week now and get in a 40-50 minute workout before we both have to be at work. What got me back at the gym was when I hit a plateau and knew the only way to get past it was to stop being lazy and work up a sweat. And it worked! I have 3 lbs to go to meet my first weight loss goal. My pants, especially the ones I wear to work, are so big on me that they look sloppy, and my bras are not as tight (okay so this could be both good and bad, but we'll try to stay positive here). 

This morning I took some more progress pictures, and although I'm still thoroughly embarrassed to have pictures of me in my undies floating around the internet, I found with my last progress post that a lot of people found them motivating. It's the most amazing feeling to hear that sharing your story makes a difference in someone's attitude towards their health, and I hope by posting these again that I will continue to help people work towards their goals.  This is the only body we have, people, and we have a great responsibility to take care of it.

(Left: May 2012 - Right: April 2013) The front view shows the most change. My love-handle areas are drastically smaller, hence my pants not fitting.
(Left: May 2012 - Right: April 2013) There isn't much change in the side view really, except perhaps the hind-end is a tad tighter (hallelujah chorus anyone?), but maybe that'll be my next goal. Those saddlebags have GOT to go! Ha!

What I've loved most about using Weight Watchers is a combination of two things. First of all, it teaches you how to eat in the REAL world! I'm sure you've seen the commercials of J-Hud or Jessica Simpson talking about how they love pizza and chocolate, and they get to eat all of that on Weight Watchers. It's completely true! But here's the thing. You learn portion control and you learn that you can HAVE those things, but in moderation and you have to make smart decisions with it.  So yes, I have cheeseburgers quite often, but when I do, I make sure I've got lots and lots of veggies and fruits and yummy (zero-to-low point) things to fill me up so I don't overdue it on the not-so-healthy foods that I would otherwise devour.  I could never ever get away with replacing meals with shakes (although I have friends and family both who do this and love it. If that works for you and you have the will power to do it, then You Go Glen Coco! I just personally need something to chew!), or eating just chicken and egg whites every day. 

Secondly, I really love the community Weight Watchers offers.  People I barely know give me encouragement when I'm at a plateau or when I know I've made poor choices all week (which wow...happen too often ha!). My mom's friend Laurie, whom I've never met but have heard a lot about, is a big WW supporter and counselor, and she had my mom send me some of her old WW cookbooks and wrote me just the sweetest e-mail when I was feeling particularly frustrated one week. It's just amazing, y'all. 

So I hope this review and the oh-so-embarrassing progress pictures have helped you get a little bit of motivation and fire to get going or continue going if you've already started.

I'd love to hear any of your thoughts, journeys, or goals below so leave me a comment (unless you're going to be mean...and in that case "you can't sit with us")

Love Love!
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  1. So proud of you! Weight Watchers is something that changed my life & I'm so glad you are on the boat now too! So proud of you and glad we can do this together, FOR-EV-ER! xoxo