Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Lippies!

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Upon the start of 2013, I promised myself I would try to wear more color on my lips. For 23 years, I've been a simple lip balm kinda girl with the occasional application of lipstick if my mamacita stated her usual "I think you need a little color. Here, put some of this lipstick on" (you're a wise woman, mama!).

Since I had never worn much lipstick or colored lipgloss in the past, I first had to figure out what worked for me. Mauvey/lighter pinks were my first go-to. They're safe and look good on most anyone, but then I wanted to play a bit more. Let me just tell y'all...it took a LOT of getting used to the first time I wore red or my now beloved Maybelline Shocking Coral. I believe the words that came out of Taylor's mouth were, and I quote..."what's on your lips? I can see them from a mile away." Thank hun. This is also the same man who pointed out not too long ago that one day my face and chest were two different colors...now that comment I very much appreciated and immediately went into blend mode. Lesson learned.

My current collection

At the beginning of December 2012, I owned one lipstick, two Baby Lips and two Nivea products (a sheer gloss and a lip balm...see my beauty essentials post on that). I now have more than is necessary, but somehow I keep finding new ones I love. I have a teeny tiny gloss collection and haven't tried any high end brands, but I'm having so much fun collecting new shades! I have found that orangey shades are not so flattering on me, so we'll steer clear of those.

Most recently, I picked up these three lippies. To date, Revlon's Super Lustrious line has been my favorite. It is super smooth and applies without any patchiness on the lips. The top color, Revlon's Coralberry, is from this line. I picked this up purposely because it is a dupe for MAC's Vegas Volt and I could tell this shade would be a winner for my skin tone. It is probably my favorite of the three new additions to my collection.

Next I picked up a YouTube favorite, Maybelline's Vivid Rose from their Vivids collections. Again, my Shocking Coral lipstick is from this same line and I wanted to try out another shade. With the praise this one has received across vlog and blog land, I wanted in. It is definitely vivid, but I'm definitely a fan. I'd still say Shocking Coral wins the battle, but this is a great shade that will get much use this summer. These Vivids shades don't apply QUITE as evenly as the Revlon Super Lustrious line, however. Once I rub my lips together, it is noticeably darker along the edges of my lips. I usually just gently press a piece of tissue along the edges to blot it out a tad.

Finally, I picked up my second shade in the L'Oreal Aqua Lip Lacquer line. These have the most interesting formula ever! When you first apply it, it literally feels like water on your lips. But then it goes through a few transformations. Next it feels like a kind of tacky gloss, then what I describe as a vinyl feeling, then finally it turns into a stain. It lasts a LONG time, through eating and drinking and everything. Definitely a fan of this formula, although it takes a bit more work to get it to go on completely evenly.

I'm happy with all 3 picks! Leave me a comment below letting me know if you've ever tried any of these, and if not, do you have a favorite I should try?

Love love!
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