Monday, April 8, 2013

April Drugstore Makeup Haul

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Well CVS, you win again! A couple weeks ago, I stopped in because I had a ton of coupons and CVS cash, PLUS to make the situation better, they had BOGO 50% off sale for most of the products I was eyeing anyways. It was the perfect storm.

I'm basically in love with every item I took home that day, and can check some of the products I've been searching for off of my list (yes, I have a running wish list in my phone). Let's just dive right in, shall we, friends?

I am so pumped-up-kicks (great, now that song is in my head. Excuse me while I break for a dance party) to finally be in possession of the Luminoso baked blush by Milani. This is a dupe for the highly praised Nars Orgasm blush that is a smidge outside of my preferred price range, and I can already tell you this is a new favorite. It is BEAUTIFUL, pigmented, goes onto the skin like butta' and is the perfect peachy shade for summer. It took me awhile to find this in stock at my CVS, but alas! We are united! You can see a swatch below, but keep in mind that the shade on my finger is after ONE swipe through the blush. Amazing. Gorgeous. *muah* Love.

 Next is a product from the Wet 'n' Wild Fergie Center Stage collection that I picked up on a whim. These are the Photo Op Eyeshadows and this one in particular is called Maldives Sky.  It caught my eye instantly. I may have been drooling in the middle of the aisle over the orange-y, coral-y goodness. Clean-up on aisle 1! I have bright blue eyes, and because browns, coppers, and oranges make them stand out even more, I tend to steer towards those shades in all of my palettes. Again, to give you an idea of how great the color payoff is, the swatches on my fingers are from ONE swipe through the eyeshadow. No digging required here, ladies! 

Let's move to the lips. I am already in lust with my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Honey, so I wanted another color. After staring at the (rather small) selection in CVS, I finally decided to hit up the opposite side of the spectrum from my Honey shade. I went with this red called Romantic (show on the left). I can probably count the amount of times I've worn red lips on one hand, so this was a big change for me. I am much more comfortable with pinks and mauve tones, so this is definitely putting me outside of my comfort zone, but I'm channeling my inner T-Swizzle and rockin' the red. 

Next (shown on the left) is the color Shocking Coral from the Maybelline Vivids collection. The coloring in my picture above is showing more red than it really is, so I've copied a photo from Google below to give you a better idea of the shade. It is definitely vivid, but definitely amazeballs. I've been using this with the Haute Pink lip liner from Milani. I line my lips and fill it in a bit, then layer Shocking Coral on top and blot a tad just to tone down the intensity (just a personal preference...remember my comfort zone?). Again, this is so springy, it feels great on, and it lasts a long time, especially with my lip liner. 

Now that Spring has sprung, it's time to take my nails out of the dark ages of Winter. I picked up a few new Essie shades, one in particular that I've been searching for (bet ya can't guess which ones that is!). I have now added Mint Candy Apple and Butler Please to my collection. Of course Mint Candy Apple has been a Spring favorite for awhile now, but this girl just got her grubby little paws on it. I am going to be pairing this with some gold fleck glitter from Milani to add to the fun. Blues on the nails are also very "in" right now for Spring, so this vibrant royal shade is just the ticket. 

The last item from my haul-moment at CVS was the CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara in brown-black. It's been talked and talked about on YouTube, and although I am head-over-heels, take-you-home-to-meet-the-family in LOVE with my Maybelline The Rocket mascara, I decided to give this a try as well. I don't have a picture of it (boo, hiss...I fail), but I will say that from the two times I've used it, it's definitely earned second place. I only wish I had paid more attention and purchased the waterproof formula. Although it is a major pain in the you-know-what to take off, I have a problem with rubbing my eyes during the day, and I am always having to use eye drops which will make it run. But kudos to CoverGirl for continuing to be awesome. Four for you, Glen CoCo!

Do you have any of these products? If so, let me know what you think about them! If not, is there anything from the drugstore you've been dying to buy?? LEAVE A COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW!!

Love Love!
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