Monday, April 29, 2013

Drop It Like A SQUAAAT!

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Okay friends, it's high time I get my butt into gear! LITERALLY! Being that my heritage is mostly Scottish, this girl was born to breed...and by that, I mean I'm short, stocky, and have large and in charge hips.While this might help with the whole childbirth process later in life, right now it is simply a pain in my behind.  I have to put in a lot of extra effort to avoid my thighs and butt from expanding too much, and honestly most of the time I forget about making that extra effort.

Which brings us to May.

My friend Jess from WAY BACK when I lived in South Dakota (a solid 8 years ago! Man time flies!) has challenged me to take part in her 30 Day Squat Challenge.

Looking at the list, I am a little terrified and find it slightly humorous at just the thought of doing 250 squats. But then I think about summer and bikini season and how I always hate how my flab-tastic tush looks in my swimsuit. THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME! After completing this challenge, I may just have the confidence to strut my stuff like the true Victoria's Secret Angel we all know I am deep inside.

So I am challenging ALL OF YOU! I am throwing down the gauntlet and challenging you to join myself and Jess in this quest! We will begin May 1, and if you're reading this after May 1, have no fear because it is never too late to join us! Jess will be our main woman, sending us reminders and encouraging us to get low, low, low, low (in my head, that was said to the tune of Apple Bottom Jeans...go with it)

If you are interested, and I hope you are, shoot Jess an e-mail at  And you can also follow her on Instagram for extra motivation! Her IG name is @nelsoj2_fitnessfactory.

And now, just to show you that sometimes I can turn on Beast Mode...

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Beauty Haul and yes, They're REAL!

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It is BEAUTY HAUL TIME! After one of the worst days at work I've had in awhile, there was a small beacon of hope when the lovely UPS man pulled up with both my Ulta order and my Sephora order. I'm pretty sure there was a halo around the boxes as he walked in the door...there might have been a choir of angels singing as well. I could have made that up.

Anyway, I had so much fun using some of the extra cash I had saved up to purchase new higher end items. I'm generally a drugstore kind of girl simply due to finances, but every now and then I like to pretend I'm rich and fancy. Don't we all?

SO here is a super quick review of the Benefit They're Real mascara from the 2 times I've worn it. Quite simply, I love it!! I need the full size in my It gives a ridiculous amount of length and volume to my lashes, but also does not clump. My favorite part about this mascara is the wand. It has a spikey ball type of thing (good description, Michelle) on the end, which allows you to easily coat the fine lashes on each corner of your lash line, as well as the lower lashes. I always have the worst time getting those bad boys, and this made it so easy-peasy.

Love love!!
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Lippies!

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Upon the start of 2013, I promised myself I would try to wear more color on my lips. For 23 years, I've been a simple lip balm kinda girl with the occasional application of lipstick if my mamacita stated her usual "I think you need a little color. Here, put some of this lipstick on" (you're a wise woman, mama!).

Since I had never worn much lipstick or colored lipgloss in the past, I first had to figure out what worked for me. Mauvey/lighter pinks were my first go-to. They're safe and look good on most anyone, but then I wanted to play a bit more. Let me just tell y' took a LOT of getting used to the first time I wore red or my now beloved Maybelline Shocking Coral. I believe the words that came out of Taylor's mouth were, and I quote..."what's on your lips? I can see them from a mile away." Thank hun. This is also the same man who pointed out not too long ago that one day my face and chest were two different that comment I very much appreciated and immediately went into blend mode. Lesson learned.

My current collection

At the beginning of December 2012, I owned one lipstick, two Baby Lips and two Nivea products (a sheer gloss and a lip balm...see my beauty essentials post on that). I now have more than is necessary, but somehow I keep finding new ones I love. I have a teeny tiny gloss collection and haven't tried any high end brands, but I'm having so much fun collecting new shades! I have found that orangey shades are not so flattering on me, so we'll steer clear of those.

Most recently, I picked up these three lippies. To date, Revlon's Super Lustrious line has been my favorite. It is super smooth and applies without any patchiness on the lips. The top color, Revlon's Coralberry, is from this line. I picked this up purposely because it is a dupe for MAC's Vegas Volt and I could tell this shade would be a winner for my skin tone. It is probably my favorite of the three new additions to my collection.

Next I picked up a YouTube favorite, Maybelline's Vivid Rose from their Vivids collections. Again, my Shocking Coral lipstick is from this same line and I wanted to try out another shade. With the praise this one has received across vlog and blog land, I wanted in. It is definitely vivid, but I'm definitely a fan. I'd still say Shocking Coral wins the battle, but this is a great shade that will get much use this summer. These Vivids shades don't apply QUITE as evenly as the Revlon Super Lustrious line, however. Once I rub my lips together, it is noticeably darker along the edges of my lips. I usually just gently press a piece of tissue along the edges to blot it out a tad.

Finally, I picked up my second shade in the L'Oreal Aqua Lip Lacquer line. These have the most interesting formula ever! When you first apply it, it literally feels like water on your lips. But then it goes through a few transformations. Next it feels like a kind of tacky gloss, then what I describe as a vinyl feeling, then finally it turns into a stain. It lasts a LONG time, through eating and drinking and everything. Definitely a fan of this formula, although it takes a bit more work to get it to go on completely evenly.

I'm happy with all 3 picks! Leave me a comment below letting me know if you've ever tried any of these, and if not, do you have a favorite I should try?

Love love!
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lush ROOTS Review

If you watch beauty "gurus" on YouTube, you probably have noticed they all seem to have a fascination with the handmade cosmetics company, Lush.  Lush is known for making all natural, handmade bath, body and hair products including their famous bath bombs (which yes, I indulged in this past weekend. It turned the water urine yellow, but smelled amazeballs).  But many of these products will come at a fairly high price, especially for a drugstore-prone girl like myself.
I went to the Lush store in Atlanta for the first time over Easter weekend. First of all, I was a bit lot turned off by the overly-pushy sales man in the cute red scarf and faux-hawk who kept grabbing my hand and lathering it down with this and that while dumping various lip scrubs in my hand. This all happened before I could comprehend what was going on and tell him he was invading my bubble and in serious trouble of losing feeling in a very particular man part. By the time I left I was overwhelmingly scented and my arms were very...dare I say it?...moist (cringe).

But back to the review...

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have thin, fine hair. I am constantly searching for great products that will help a girl out in the hair care department. This is why I was so excited when I saw that Lush carried a hair treatment called "Roots" specifically for thin, fine hair. The 8.4 oz pot will run you $19.95, compare to my beloved and splurge-worthy Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque that is 8.5 oz for about $20 on Amazon.

From what I've read online and on their own website, and from what other bloggers have said, this product will make your scalp tingle as it gives a cooling sensation, resulting in silky soft, voluminous locks.

The first two times I used this, I thought I needed my head checked because I did not have those results. I will say that I did NOT sit there like a goon and massage my scalp for the full 15-20 minute time frame though the directions said to, but I did massage it a bit and leave it in there that long. After I combed the product completely through my hair from root to tip, I was anxiously awaiting the so-called "cooling, tingling sensation" when I put my head under the water...but it never came. 

After I rinsed, dried and styled my hair, I didn't feel like it was any softer than after my normal shampoo/condition routine. As the day progressed, I felt my hair was much more...I can't describe it well...piecey than usual? Do you know what I mean guys? I had to brush it MUCH more often than normal to make sure it didn't look like the hair of an 8 year old who has been on the playground all day (kid hair bugs me. I always want to take a brush to it). It wasn't soft and silky at all and I was muy sad. 

BUT ALAS! The 3rd time is the charm. I decided to give this hair treatment ONE more shot and actually follow the directions to a T. So Friday night I stood in my bathroom, yes like a goon, for 15-20 minutes massaging my scalp and likely giving myself some form of carpal tunnel. It wasn't until the last 5 minutes that I finally started to feel a slight tingling sensation happening up there. It wasn't very strong, but it was there! After I rinsed, shampoo'd, conditioned, dried and straightened my hair, it was like the hallelujah choir was singing around me. SO SILKY! SO SMOOTH! I didn't even use any other products in my hair other than my normal shampoo and conditioner. Suddenly something clicked and I am now hooked. I love this product!

I can feel it working! Almost time to rinse!

Excuse my no-makeup face!

My final thoughts are that although I really love Roots, it is not a product I will be using too often simply because it takes a lot of time. With my Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, I can put it in my hair and do other things for the 5-7 minutes it needs to do it's thang. When using Roots, I need to have 20 minutes available to just sit around while I massage myself. I can see myself using this once every other week, alternating with the Macadamia treatment. I'm perfectly okay with this too, since both products are expensive and this will help them last longer.

Leave me some goodies in the comment section! Love love, y'all!
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Summer2013 Essentials + a GIVEAWAY!!

Holy excitement, y'all!

Today I am partnering with Atlanta Dermatology and Laser Surgery for a Summer essentials GIVEAWAY!

If you would like to enter the giveaway and hear about my Summer Essential products for 2013, check out the video below! All the rules will be listed below as well as in the video. 


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3. You must leave me a comment on the giveaway video below telling me what your favorite thing is about Summer:

4. Finally, you must also "like" the Atlanta Dermatology and Laser Surgery Facebook page

YOU MUST DO ALL THREE THINGS TO ENTER! This contest will be open until April 22, 2013. The winner will be chosen by a computer-generated system, and if you are the LUCKY DUCKY you will be notified via YouTube Direct Message AND Facebook message (so check your "other" folder) 

GO GO GO!!! It would make me a very happy girl if you would share this on Pinterest as well. THANK YOU!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Tinted Moisturizer By Any Other Name...

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BB Creams.

These bad boys have taken the U.S. beauty market by storm recently! Every brand has one and they all make their own miraculous claims of being skin perfectors. Being the gullible consumer I am who falls weak-kneed for a good advertising pitch and pretty packaging, I went out and purchased one after seeing a popular beauty blogger on YouTube list it as one of her recent favorites (although now I'm pretty sure she is sponsored by them). 

It was the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream. I tried it out immediately, and because I didn't have anything to compare it to, I had a hard time deciding if I liked it or not.  What was it supposed to feel like? What was it supposed to do to my skin?

RIGHT half of my face has a layer of Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream,
the LEFT half of my face has nothing. Hard to tell.

After a few weeks using it, often in place of foundation when I was feeling lazy, I decided I wasn't too thrilled. I wanted to try another brand and see if my feelings changed. I had a coupon for the Garnier BB Cream, and after a little research, I decided to purchase it.

The consistency was completely different! Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream was thick, but didn't really provide much coverage, so I always had to do a second layer. In my opinion, if I'm going to have to do two layers, I might as well just buck up and wear foundation!  It also left my face feeling tacky for quite awhile, which is one of the big reasons I didn't like it at all. I could feel it on my face, and that is simply no bueno.

Now, the Garnier BB Cream is a whole different specimen.  First let me say that I've been using it for a good month and a half now, so I think I'm pretty set on my opinion. 

I'm a fan. It is much thinner than Olay's. In fact, I would categorize it as "runny" and at times kind of messy to pour (mine has dripped on the counter a few times), BUT interestingly enough, it gives me great coverage.  I was lucky enough that the light/medium shade matches my skin wonderfully, but I don't think everyone will have that same experience.  Even with one layer, I noticed my skin tone looked much more even, and with just a touch of under eye concealer and some powder, I was good to go! This is perfect for the warmer months we have coming up, as well.(Oh, side note: I don't have any breakouts right now, so I cannot comment on how well it covers them).

On the left side of my face I am wearing only the Garnier BB Cream.
On the right side, I am not wearing anything. Notice my under eye circles.

Obviously I shouldn't base my opinion on U.S. (drugstore) BB Creams solely on 2 brands, but right now my thoughts are: let's not beat around the bush and pretend they are everything they claim to be.  Y''s JUST a tinted moisturizer with some SPF! That's it! (but the Garnier wins this battle, in my book)

Have you tried any BB Creams? If so, leave a comment and let me know what kinds you've used and what your opinion is!
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Progress Pics and my WW Experience

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I haven't written about my weight loss/fitness progress lately, and that is basically because since last July I was very unmotivated. My Nana, who was one of my biggest supporters and role models in my life, died 2 weeks after our trip to the beach for her and Papa's 90th birthdays. During this trip, I was at the peak of my fitness journey. I just plain didn't feel like working out after that. I stopped running, I stopped watching what I ate, and I feel like all of the progress I had made just reversed. I wouldn't say I was in a big grieving depression, but I just stopped feeling motivated after that happened, and I know it was because I was missing my Nana. For some reason, when she left, she took my motivation with her. It's still very hard for me to think about her without tearing up (like now, for instance...).

But pity party aside, my weight came back. It wasn't until the cliche New Years Resolution that I decided to do something about it.  I have a lot of friends who have lost a LOT of weight through Weight Watchers (cough cough Mackenzie and A-Rose cough cough). Their success was so motivating, so I decided to invest in the program. I am happy to report now, almost exactly 3 months later, that I have lost a total of 12 lbs (a few more to go until I reach my goal). I forgot to take my measurements at the beginning so I cannot update on that. (boo, hiss! Go ahead, throw rotten tomatoes at me). 

When I started, I was JUST doing Weight Watchers and tracking my points. I wasn't back at the gym yet, and I didn't start going back until maybe a month ago with my boyfriend. We wake up probably 3-4 days a week now and get in a 40-50 minute workout before we both have to be at work. What got me back at the gym was when I hit a plateau and knew the only way to get past it was to stop being lazy and work up a sweat. And it worked! I have 3 lbs to go to meet my first weight loss goal. My pants, especially the ones I wear to work, are so big on me that they look sloppy, and my bras are not as tight (okay so this could be both good and bad, but we'll try to stay positive here). 

This morning I took some more progress pictures, and although I'm still thoroughly embarrassed to have pictures of me in my undies floating around the internet, I found with my last progress post that a lot of people found them motivating. It's the most amazing feeling to hear that sharing your story makes a difference in someone's attitude towards their health, and I hope by posting these again that I will continue to help people work towards their goals.  This is the only body we have, people, and we have a great responsibility to take care of it.

(Left: May 2012 - Right: April 2013) The front view shows the most change. My love-handle areas are drastically smaller, hence my pants not fitting.
(Left: May 2012 - Right: April 2013) There isn't much change in the side view really, except perhaps the hind-end is a tad tighter (hallelujah chorus anyone?), but maybe that'll be my next goal. Those saddlebags have GOT to go! Ha!

What I've loved most about using Weight Watchers is a combination of two things. First of all, it teaches you how to eat in the REAL world! I'm sure you've seen the commercials of J-Hud or Jessica Simpson talking about how they love pizza and chocolate, and they get to eat all of that on Weight Watchers. It's completely true! But here's the thing. You learn portion control and you learn that you can HAVE those things, but in moderation and you have to make smart decisions with it.  So yes, I have cheeseburgers quite often, but when I do, I make sure I've got lots and lots of veggies and fruits and yummy (zero-to-low point) things to fill me up so I don't overdue it on the not-so-healthy foods that I would otherwise devour.  I could never ever get away with replacing meals with shakes (although I have friends and family both who do this and love it. If that works for you and you have the will power to do it, then You Go Glen Coco! I just personally need something to chew!), or eating just chicken and egg whites every day. 

Secondly, I really love the community Weight Watchers offers.  People I barely know give me encouragement when I'm at a plateau or when I know I've made poor choices all week (which wow...happen too often ha!). My mom's friend Laurie, whom I've never met but have heard a lot about, is a big WW supporter and counselor, and she had my mom send me some of her old WW cookbooks and wrote me just the sweetest e-mail when I was feeling particularly frustrated one week. It's just amazing, y'all. 

So I hope this review and the oh-so-embarrassing progress pictures have helped you get a little bit of motivation and fire to get going or continue going if you've already started.

I'd love to hear any of your thoughts, journeys, or goals below so leave me a comment (unless you're going to be mean...and in that case "you can't sit with us")

Love Love!
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Monday, April 8, 2013

April Drugstore Makeup Haul

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Well CVS, you win again! A couple weeks ago, I stopped in because I had a ton of coupons and CVS cash, PLUS to make the situation better, they had BOGO 50% off sale for most of the products I was eyeing anyways. It was the perfect storm.

I'm basically in love with every item I took home that day, and can check some of the products I've been searching for off of my list (yes, I have a running wish list in my phone). Let's just dive right in, shall we, friends?

I am so pumped-up-kicks (great, now that song is in my head. Excuse me while I break for a dance party) to finally be in possession of the Luminoso baked blush by Milani. This is a dupe for the highly praised Nars Orgasm blush that is a smidge outside of my preferred price range, and I can already tell you this is a new favorite. It is BEAUTIFUL, pigmented, goes onto the skin like butta' and is the perfect peachy shade for summer. It took me awhile to find this in stock at my CVS, but alas! We are united! You can see a swatch below, but keep in mind that the shade on my finger is after ONE swipe through the blush. Amazing. Gorgeous. *muah* Love.

 Next is a product from the Wet 'n' Wild Fergie Center Stage collection that I picked up on a whim. These are the Photo Op Eyeshadows and this one in particular is called Maldives Sky.  It caught my eye instantly. I may have been drooling in the middle of the aisle over the orange-y, coral-y goodness. Clean-up on aisle 1! I have bright blue eyes, and because browns, coppers, and oranges make them stand out even more, I tend to steer towards those shades in all of my palettes. Again, to give you an idea of how great the color payoff is, the swatches on my fingers are from ONE swipe through the eyeshadow. No digging required here, ladies! 

Let's move to the lips. I am already in lust with my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Honey, so I wanted another color. After staring at the (rather small) selection in CVS, I finally decided to hit up the opposite side of the spectrum from my Honey shade. I went with this red called Romantic (show on the left). I can probably count the amount of times I've worn red lips on one hand, so this was a big change for me. I am much more comfortable with pinks and mauve tones, so this is definitely putting me outside of my comfort zone, but I'm channeling my inner T-Swizzle and rockin' the red. 

Next (shown on the left) is the color Shocking Coral from the Maybelline Vivids collection. The coloring in my picture above is showing more red than it really is, so I've copied a photo from Google below to give you a better idea of the shade. It is definitely vivid, but definitely amazeballs. I've been using this with the Haute Pink lip liner from Milani. I line my lips and fill it in a bit, then layer Shocking Coral on top and blot a tad just to tone down the intensity (just a personal preference...remember my comfort zone?). Again, this is so springy, it feels great on, and it lasts a long time, especially with my lip liner. 

Now that Spring has sprung, it's time to take my nails out of the dark ages of Winter. I picked up a few new Essie shades, one in particular that I've been searching for (bet ya can't guess which ones that is!). I have now added Mint Candy Apple and Butler Please to my collection. Of course Mint Candy Apple has been a Spring favorite for awhile now, but this girl just got her grubby little paws on it. I am going to be pairing this with some gold fleck glitter from Milani to add to the fun. Blues on the nails are also very "in" right now for Spring, so this vibrant royal shade is just the ticket. 

The last item from my haul-moment at CVS was the CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara in brown-black. It's been talked and talked about on YouTube, and although I am head-over-heels, take-you-home-to-meet-the-family in LOVE with my Maybelline The Rocket mascara, I decided to give this a try as well. I don't have a picture of it (boo, hiss...I fail), but I will say that from the two times I've used it, it's definitely earned second place. I only wish I had paid more attention and purchased the waterproof formula. Although it is a major pain in the you-know-what to take off, I have a problem with rubbing my eyes during the day, and I am always having to use eye drops which will make it run. But kudos to CoverGirl for continuing to be awesome. Four for you, Glen CoCo!

Do you have any of these products? If so, let me know what you think about them! If not, is there anything from the drugstore you've been dying to buy?? LEAVE A COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW!!

Love Love!
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thumbs Up Products For My Thin Hair

One gene I can precisely pin point which side of my family it came from is my hair. I have pretty thin, very fine hair, and I have my mother to thank for it.  My whole life she and her sister joked that they had 9 hairs on their heads. I have a few more than 9, but it is so thin that when I put it on a braid, it's so tiny that it ends up just looking bizarre. I also don't have enough hair to wear a sock bun, because you can always see the sock part underneath it!

This genetic make up made it difficult for me to find products that wouldn't weigh my hair down or make it look extra greasy. In the past few months, however, I have found a few favorites that I want to share because I know how difficult it was for me to discover them, and hopefully this will help out some fellow thin-haired-gals.

First is a product that has been raved about all over YouTube by the beauty bloggers, and that is the Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque. I was so afraid that because of how conditioning it is, it would weigh my hair down, but to my very pleasant surprise, it didn't at all! I generally use it every Saturday or Sunday morning and it truly makes my hair so soft and shiny without any added heaviness. It smells great, and when I get in the shower, I just shampoo like normal then comb it through my hair with the big toothed comb I keep in my shower (pictured above), go through the rest of my shower routine and then rinse it all out.

Next is a product from that same company. In my March Birchbox, I received a sample of the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. Just like with the hair masque, I was very wary to use it because I was afraid of the effect it would have on my thin hair. I had never used an oil in my hair before, so I wasn't quite sure how to go about applying it. So I did what any red-blooded American would do...I Googled it! I applied a very very small amount to the palm of my hand (literally smaller than a dime), rubbed my hands together and smoothed the oil all over my hair, making sure to get the under layers as well as the top. It wasn't until I dried and straightened my hair that I could see how shiny and beautiful it made my hair look! It really helped with my fly-aways, which is another no bueno trait of my hair, and I even got a compliment from a BOY on how good my hair looked that day.  You know you're looking good when a member of the heterosexual male species notices.

Next is my Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair. This was another splurge for me, but after appointment after appointment of seeing disappointment in my hair stylist's eyes and listening to her encouragement to start using a damage/heat protectant in my hair, I finally caved and purchased it. I really do think this has allowed me to last a bit longer in between cuts and again, it doesn't weigh my hair down! I wouldn't say it is like "God's Gift" to my hair or anything, but I do enjoy it and I notice the difference in my hair when I don't use it.

I hope this helps any of you who are looking for solid, weightless products for your hair. I just recently started paying more attention to my hair care routine, and I actually enjoy doing my hair a lot more now that I have fun stuff to play with!Pin It

Monday, April 1, 2013

Michelle's March Favorites

Since December, I have turned into a self-proclaimed product junkie. Never in my life have I cared too much about my makeup products, hair products, etc... I've always done the bare minimum to look presentable, and that's about where the fun stopped. Contouring? What's that? Conditioning treatments for my hair? AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT! (Sweet Brown? Anyone? Anyone?) I simply used the same few products over and over again.

Then December hit.

I'm not sure how I got started with this (probably Pinterest), but I started watching beauty bloggers on YouTube. I got hooked. Instantly. All of a sudden I found myself wanting to try everything they talked about and become an expert in all things beauty. FEED ME MORE! I was turning into a monster, and I knew my wallet wouldn't be able to sustain the hunger! Lord knows I've spent way too much money lately on beauty products, especially considering I have school loans to pay off, but it makes me happy, people!

April will be a tough month because I've purchased a lot of new products, so I'll be trying them all this month and HOPEFULLY they'll all turn into favsies because that's always the goal, right? Anyhoo, here are some of my favorite products from the month of March.

We'll start with the left side. Maybelline's Color Whisper is a new obsession of mine. I currently own 4 shades, but in March I found myself reaching a lot for this beautiful nude shade called Bare to be Bold. If you haven't tried these, you need to! I'm a girl who doesn't always wear lipstick, but I've always got on some sort of lip balm. I've been attempting to try to wear more color on my lips, so this is the perfect product for me. It isn't full on color like a lipstick, but it's got more (and it is buildable) than, for instance, my beloved Maybelline Baby Lips (look at Maybelline kickin' some butt! YOU GO GLEN COCO!). Paula Deen would just LOVE this product because it glides on like 'butta! So yes, A+ in my book.

My first two colors. Bare to be Bold is on the left.
I ordered a huge shipment of ELF products this past month (maybe it was the end of February) when they were having 1/2 off their Studio line. I purchased SO MANY products and INCLUDING SHIPPING I paid $25. It rocked. My socks. This blush in the shade Peachy Keen was one of two I bought and it is my new favorite. It applies wonderfully and the color, in my opinion, is nice for the Spring. Interestingly though, this one had great pigmentation but the other shade I bought (same product) doesn't. So there is a bit of inconsistency.

Next we've got a nail polish I reapplied 3 times in March, Essie's Mademoiselle. After wearing dark shades all winter, I really wanted something super light. This was BEAUTIFUL! Even after 2 coats you can sort of see part of the  nail through the color, but that was about what I was going for. With 1 coat it would make a great color to do a french manicure with. I also loved that when my nail grew out or the color chipped, it wasn't that noticeable. Oh Essie, how I love you!
Picture taken from Pinterest!

Let me share a not-so-well-kept secret. I have VERY dark circles under my eyes ALL the time and it's been this way my whole life. On days when I go out without makeup, I often am told how tired I look or asked if I'm feeling well. GEE THANKS, FOLKS! No, this is just me in my  natural state, now excuse me while I go cry in the corner. But remember the wise words of the late Patrick Swayze...nobody puts Baby in a Corner. Enter: Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer.  I have a tough time with eye concealers because I need them to be very full coverage, but I don't want to look like I've caked it on either. This has performed well for me so far. I really like the swirl of Olay Simply Ageless because it keeps my under eyes moisturized, and I don't think I have major cake-eyes when I use this product either. So far so good!

Finally, my Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream (Combination to Oily Skin). I'm doing an entire post about this product compared to the first BB Cream I tried, so I'll keep this short. I love it. It gives me good coverage but feels very light on my skin. I wear it often in place of foundation, especially on the weekends or days when I'm feeling lazy! Just put a bit of under eye concealer and some powder on, and I'm good to go! (okay so I usually use bronzer and blush too, but it's not necessary...I'm just a creature of habit).

So there we go, loves. My March favorites! What have you tried this past month that made your life that much more complete? Please leave a comment and share!Pin It