Friday, July 20, 2012

Body Fat Loss and Gluten Free Diets

Oh hey there! Remember me?

So a lot has happened since we last spoke. I've finished my 6 week boot camp and I'm in serious withdrawal! I very much miss my two-a-week classes with our instructor and the ladies I met in the class. I always left feeling so accomplished.

Right after boot camp ended, I had my 16-week meeting with the gym. They remeasured me, took my body fat percentage and weighed me. I must say I'm pretty happy about the results.  Now keep in mind that I only lost about 6 pounds, BUT that number is irrelevant in my mind because I lost 10.6% body fat! 10.6 PERCENT!!! How crazy is that?! I lost 3.5 inches all around (now it would have been 4.5, but I gained in my bust...but I count that as a win, haha!) The biggest change was losing 2 inches in my abdomen. I could tell his was happening by the way my clothes fit, and it was one of the areas I wanted to lose the most. HOORAY!
This is the first time I have felt comfortable in a swimsuit in YEARS

I lost 18.2 lbs of fat weight and gained 13.2 lbs of lean weight. Yay for lean weight!  This was the PERFECT way for me to start my week-long beach vacation!

I was so proud of myself for getting up to run or workout on the beach half of the days we were on vacation. It was beautiful out and I always felt accomplished and ready for the day.

Now I've given myself a new challenge.  Lately in the world, Gluten Free diets have become a trend. Many people have a gluten intolerance, thus need to eat gluten free to be healthy. Stars like Miley Cyrus have credited her tiny frame to a gluten free lifestyle, though many people forget that she has an allergy which is why she has had to change her eating habits.

So many are under the assumption now that gluten makes you fat. NO! Some gluten is necessary in a healthy diet (again, unless you have an allergy or intolerance), but those going on a gluten-free diet are losing weight because gluten is found in most processed foods. It is these processed foods that make people gain weight, not simply the gluten. You see? You stop eating gluten, so you stop eating processed foods, so you lose weight b/c processed foods are no bueno.

Anyways, I've given myself a challenge to eat gluten free for 2 months. It is simply out of curiosity for how it will change my body. I know gluten is healthy for me in certain amounts b/c I do not have an allergy, but being someone who eats a LOT of breads, pastas, wheat, etc... I wanted to see how it would change me to cut all those things out completely. Gluten is an inflammatory, so many people I know say they are not bloated like they were before they made the switch. One friend even said she can tell a difference in her knees and fingers!

I'll keep you all updated. So far I've been gluten free since Monday. I even had to give up cookie cake at work on Wednesday! Terrible!

And now, I leave you with a beautiful sunrise from the beach. STAY MOTIVATED!

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