Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When You Start Slipping

**I started writing this post last week and am just now finishing it!**
I've gotten my body to the point where I now don't particularly enjoy or crave (often) fast foods, I truly enjoy cooking healthy, and I feel gross when I do eat, for instance, McDonald's fries. I use to never give it a second thought and would blindly order a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a medium fry without feeling any remorse.
I keep some of these in my desk drawer at work to nibble on a little
at a time if I feel hungry around 3 or 4 p.m.
However, a few weeks ago I ordered a french fry from said McDonald's and after I snarfed it down, I realized I felt terrible. Not just mentally terrible that I had made such an obviously poor health choice, but the skin on my face instantly felt greasy and my stomach was not very happy with me. I could feel the fries just sitting on top of my stomach refusing to digest.

Knowing that I now don't get the same satisfaction out of fast food or junk foods that I use to, I went about happily choosing fruits veggies, whole grains and even baking my own SKINNY version of fries when the craving came on (thank you Pinterest and Skinny Taste!)...

...but then there are those times when we start to slip again...

For me, those times generally only happen when I'm short on cash, which, in turn, means I'm short on groceries. I'm literally now to the point of only having rice, canned beans, some condiments, and popcorn at my house. There is nothing for me too cook and I'm low on cash since I'm saving for my skydiving trip this weekend (pictures will be shared, I promise), so I haven't gone shopping. So what happened? I ate junk food, fast food, and whatever my office had lying around the kitchen (since it's finals week for the students, that means donuts, sausage biscuits, chicken biscuits, etc...).
Healthy breakfast options at work
I can feel myself slipping and I'm giving into serious temptation. This morning, for example, rather than having a banana or apple from the bowl on the counter at work, I literally stared at a chocolate glazed donut for a full minute before giving in and devouring it. I kept looking at it while it taunted me and brainwashed me with its gooey chocolate icing. It screamed "EAT ME! YOUR DIET IS SCREWED THIS WEEK, ANYWAYS!!!"

So I did. And I felt good for about 5 minutes until I realized that although I hadn't been eating well all week, I just ruined another opportunity for me to veer myself back onto the right path.
My great lunch from yesterday - strawberries, rotini with some
melted ICBINB and some parm.

**This is where I picked up writing again today**

Here is what I say...if you feel yourself slipping back into old, unhealthy eating or exercise habits, stop right there!! Look in the mirror, stare into your soul and remind yourself why you started this journey in the first place. Was it to feel better in clothes? To be able to play more with your kids? To see what your body is capable of? Once you remember your reasons, ask yourself if those reasons are worth giving up. If you still want to achieve those things, then push through your rut and tell yourself that it WILL get better and put your mind to it!

I went out to the grocery store last night and was finally able to pick up some fruit and veggies. I made dinner for the first time in a week and it was so delicious! It also felt nice to know exactly what I'm eating again rather than not knowing exactly what kind of unhealthy ingredients a restaurant is putting in my meals.

Today I head back to the gym and next Monday I start Beach Body Boot Camp! I've got my goals in my head again and I'm feeling strong. I can do it!

I hope you're all staying positive and STAY MOTIVATED!

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  1. I felt the same way over the weekend... ate to much, KNEW I ate too much.. but did it anyway! It happens, but the key is as you say... why are we doing this?? One slip is ok, but you can't give up on your goals, your dreams! We Just Can't!

  2. I love Luna Bars there the best ever.... I had finals last week to, and I am some what agree everything starts going down hill, and I did not work for days... but am back on it.
    love your blog
    Eli's Spiritual

  3. we all have our weak moments, but you are bac on track now, which is awesome! you go girl!