Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Getting Bored and Switching It Up

Work has been terribly busy since my last post and I apologize for my absence. Hopefully it will be slowing down a tad and I can get us back to regularly scheduled programming.

Last night I signed myself up for a 6-week Beach Body Boot Camp at my gym. I think it is exactly what I need to get my motivation back up and running! I've been bored lately with my workouts and a little upset about the slow nature of my progress, so I need something to jump start my excitement again. I can't help it...I'm human and I like fast results, even if they're not realistic.

My Boot Camp starts on May 21st and it requires going to at least 2 1-hour boot camp classes a week (although I'll still be at the gym my normal 3-4 times) and a food diary. The woman who is teaching the class let me know last night she'll be pushing us hard for that 1-hour between running through the parking lot, strength training and cardio. I must say, I am very very excited. The end of this 6 weeks comes JUST before I leave for the beach with my family, so it couldn't be more perfect.

I've also started back doing Couch to 5k, a program I highly highly recommend to anyone who is interested in beginning running. It really starts you slow and eases you into being able to do a 30-minute 5k. Because I am not a complete beginner, I skipped to week 5, but due to a 4-day running vacation, I've had a little setback and am still working on being able to complete my 3rd week 5 run..

I couldn't be more proud of my momma, though. I had her start the Couch to 5k program (forced, is more the word for it) and told her that she and I would be running a 5k by ourselves one morning while we are at the excuses. She definitely was not excited when she started and reminded me over and over again that she is not good at running and has no real desire to run...I didn't like that answer and told her, well, too bad. She's now on week 3 and has already pushed herself past the limit she thought she was capable of achieving. I cannot wait to see how far she can go!!! Of course, she is also holding me accountable saying that if she's able to run a 5k by beach time, I better be able to also. The pressure is on!!

I challenge all of you to get out there and push yourself to try a new activity, or if you're having a tough time staying motivated, switch up your workout! Do something fun! Sign up for an interesting class and see what you're capable of! You can do anything and I firmly believe that.Pin It


  1. Thank you honey! Yesterday I took my "jogging" outside vs treadmill! Seriously, a senior citizen power walking could pass me! My legs felt like lead but I wanted to make my baby girl proud, so I stayed with it! It wasn't pretty or fast and I was all shades of red BUT I DID IT! You are my motivation!

  2. I feel the same way about jogging, I know it can get boring at times...
    Good Luck
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