Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beach Body Nutrition - Whole Grains

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Yesterday evening I attended the first nutrition meeting for Beach Body Boot Camp. Although I think I have already read up on most of the nutrition information we will be learning, I wanted to make sure I was soaking up as much of this 6-week experience as possible, and who knows? I might end up learning some new tidbits of information!

Last night was all about switching from refined grains to whole grains. I made this switch around November of last year and haven't looked back since! To be honest, if you compare a box of white rice v. a box of brown rice, there isn't too drastic of a difference in terms of calories, sugars, etc... However, once you start comparing the minerals and nutrients, you'll notice that the refined white flour products have been stripped of these awesomely healthy benefits! Why would you want to deprive yourself of these things that are so good for you?!

But don't be fooled! A lot of products will design their packages to trick you into thinking you're eating a healthy whole-wheat option! Make sure you always check the ingredient list before purchasing and choose products that have 100% whole wheat flour as the FIRST ingredient!  Just because it's brown doesn't mean it's whole wheat and just because it says "100% wheat" doesn't mean it is WHOLE wheat!

If you're wary that you'll like the taste of whole grain foods, start slowly. You don't have to jump in head first and cut out every bit of refined grains within a 24-hour period! Start by making simple switches like using brown rice instead of white or mixing half whole wheat pasta and half white pasta and gradually using less and less white pasta until all you have left is the whole wheat! It's the same concept as weening a baby off a bottle.YOU CAN DO IT!!

As a side note, I came home last night to a great surprise in my mailbox! Somehow I got signed up to receive Whole Living magazine! I haven't gotten a chance to go through them yet, but if I find any great recipes, I'll be SURE to share them!

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