Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Simple Tricep Arm Workouts

After complaining multiple times about the arm jiggle situation I've got going on (you know...that arm flap most women deal with that makes us feel like we could literally fly if we got a good enough head start), Taylor finally gave me a workout that targets 3 different muscle groups in your upper arms.

First he told me to use our 2 lb weights for these exercises, and I scoffed at him as though he had just insulted my obvious brute strength! I said "2 pounds?! I can do them with at least 5 pounds." He gave me this little grin and told me to go ahead and try it. I grabbed that dumbell and by the end of the first part of the exercise I was done for! This is obviously not a muscle group I use very often. I gave in and used the lighter weights and even those burned by the end of the 3rd set.

I took pictures last night of me completing this workout so you can try it yourself! Make sure you stretch out your muscles after you complete these moves because if you're like me, you'll be feeling a little sore the next day.

Do 3 sets of 20 on each arm. Go right from one arm to the next without stopping to rest (by the time you're done with one arm, the other will be rested enough to go again). Make sure you are keeping your arm straight! Mine tends to move on me, so I will hold it steady with my other hand.

1. Hold your weight in your right hand, with the inside of your wrist facing left
My arm is leaning back a tad in this picture...DON'T DO THAT! 
2. Bend your elbow, bringing the weight back towards your ear in a tomahawk chop motion. Do this 20 times.

3. Bring your arm back to the straight up position and turn your arm so the inside of your wrist is now facing behind you. 
4. Now bend your elbow to complete a reverse curl. Repeat for a set of 20. 
 5. The final move is to bring your arm back to the straight up position and turn your arm so the inside of your wrist is now facing out in front of you. 
 6. Bend your elbow, bringing the weight across your body so the end touches your chest. Make sure you are keeping your upper arm straight and steady. Repeat for a set of 20.

After completing 20 of each move on your right arm, switch to the left and do 20 of each move with that arm. In total, you should do 3 sets of 20 of each move on both arms. 

Let me know if you try this out and how you do!! I try to do these every day, even if I've got an off day from the gym. It is SO easy to do laying down while a commercial is on. 

P.S. Did anyone notice the delicious stuffed zucchini in the background that we had for dinner?? YUM!
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  1. Just what I need! I saw this on Pinterest, so I came over to say HI. I can do these after my treadmill, laying down? yes please! =)

  2. A pinterest find here, too! Just did my first set- with a 1 lb can on pie filling. Might have to bump it up to spaghetti sauce jars in a week. Maybe by Christmas, I'll have an actual set if weights ;). Thanks for sharing. I can already feel that it's going to help!

  3. Wow! Just found this and did them! Love them - highly recommend!

  4. I just did this arm routine and my arms feel like noodles. I plan to do it daily. We'll see if any results...

  5. Holy wow you weren't kidding about the weights. I used 3 Lb n struggled just to finish the first 20. And yes I did notice the food. LoL