Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Going to Pay For That

Everyone...last night was one of those epic failures on the get-fit-or-die-trying journey. Monday night I stayed up so late preparing those HIIT workout videos and loading them onto YouTube and the blog that I ended up getting very little sleep. By the time 5:30 p.m. Tuesday came around, I couldn't imagine going to the gym because I just had zero energy. My eyes felt like they were a million pounds!

I went home and laid down on the couch, determined to not fall asleep so I wouldn't accidentally sleep though The Voice and the new episode of Giuliana and Bill, and let me just tell you...I did not get off that couch except to use the bathroom until 10:00 p.m. when I slumped into my room to catch the final moments of the Giuliana and Bill baby special and finally went to sleep.
Struggling to stay awake for Giuliana and Bill
Oh wait...I did get off the couch one time, but it was just me literally rolling onto the floor so I could the eat the Chinese food T got me for dinner off of the coffee table. Yea...after I had done all this preaching about how high in calories and unhealthy Chinese food is, I made my boyfriend go buy me some because I was too exhausted to cook anything healthy (or find a better take-out option).

So after skipping the gym, eating unhealthy food, and barely moving at all between 5:30p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, I felt pretty terrible. I told y'all I wouldn't sugar coat things on this blog and I won't. I really felt like such a hypocrite.

But then I started to think about what I had done right (which, seriously, few and far between at this point). I only ate half of my meal last night. If this was a year ago, I would have stuffed myself because I didn't have the self-control to stop eating when I knew I was full. What I could have done better, other than obviously opting to eat something else, was put a small portion on a plate and put the leftovers away so they were out of sight, out of mind.

Today I was determined to do better. I had planned to go to lunch with a friend, and we had chosen sushi. YUM! I love sushi so much and I usually order 2 California rolls and rice...which is a lot of food, especially for lunch. To do better, I opted today for only 1 California roll (because I can't eat just the normal raw fish) and rather that rice, I ordered edamame. I tried to eat my roll without any soy sauce, but ended up using just a little tiny dab of the low-sodium version.
Still had lots of salt, which I tried my best to brush off

Only half of this was mine, for the record!
I have to keep remembering that even on the days when I eat poorly and make bad choices, I'm still making better choices than I would have a year ago and I'm slowly learning how to control myself. Now today, I'm going to kick ass and take names at the gym!!

Side note: I really love grapes!Pin It


  1. I just started following your blog and am so happy I found it. I've just gotten serious once again about diet and exercise, these last couple days I've made poor eating choices for convenience also. I love your honesty and I like grapes. You're blog is adding to my motivation so thank you!

  2. Hey! I saw your comment on Kats blog and I am adding you to my reader right now!! I am in Warner Robins! We should totally hang out sometime!! Thanks for commenting and I cant wait to follow you! :)

  3. I was doing so good keeping my wt here i want it and excersicing faithfully..and this weekend was one of those "bad" ones....BUT, tomorrow is Monday...a new start!!